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Laboratory Ultra pure water system

Laboratory Ultra pure water system

Technical specificationModelMolgene 610sMolgene 610dProcess Single Pass RO SystemDouble pass ro systemWater Production Capacity ≥10L/h≥10L/hWater Output Rate 1-1.5L/min  1-1.5L/minResistivity at 25 ≥ ≥1

Technical specification

ModelMolgene 610sMolgene 610d
Process Single Pass RO SystemDouble pass ro system
Water Production Capacity ≥10L/h≥10L/h
Water Output Rate 1-1.5L/min  1-1.5L/min
Resistivity at 25° ≥18.25MΩ.cm ≥18.25MΩ.cm
Conductivity@25°(type 3 water)≤10μs/cm≤10μs/cm
Absorbance(254mm, 1 cm optical distance) ≤0.001 ≤0.001
Reactive silica(SiO2) ≤0.01ppm ≤0.01ppm
Heavy Metal <0.01ppm <0.01ppm
Electric requirements 220v/ 50hz(Or customize)
Dimension: L*W*H490*550*850mm490*550*850mm

Please NOTE that:

  • The model end with ‘S’ has single stage ro module, suitable for feed water inlet TDS<200PPM; Model end with ‘d’ have double stage ro module, suitable for feed water inlet 200ppm<TDS<400ppm; If feed water inlet TDS>400PPM, suggest an additional industrial type softener.
  • Capacity: 10L/H to 150L/H
  • Make pure water and ultra pure water at same time.



  • IC/ICP/ICP-MS/HPLC/LC-MS organic analysis, electrophoresis
  • TOC analysis, trance analysis, environmental analytical test
  • Molecular biology related experiment; E.g. PCR, DNA/RNA preparation, protein analysis



  • MOLIC Micro-computer control , with Patent of Control System;
  • Built-in RO membrane timing automatic flush procedures , manual RO membrane cleaning button;
  • Built-in manual water cycling program, ultrapure water auto-cycle program to keep the water quality of ultrapure water;
  • Water resistance on-line monitoring, realizing man-machine conversation;
  • High capacity Molecular Ultra Purification Cartridge, with Patent of Purification Cartridge.
  • With Moldistributor system and Patent of Transport System
  • With 30L sterile pure water tank, which can ensure the quality of pure water.



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